Wonderfully pretty. (lipglossglamour) wrote,
Wonderfully pretty.

Broken necks & Pabst torpedoes.

Went to Adler's Appetite tonight. The show was fun, here are a few of the highlights.
1) Saw a guy with the South Park goth haircut. I should have taken a picture. He really looked like one of those kids.
2) Saw a big guy stage dive & WHAM, total belly flop on to the floor, hard.
3) AFTER that stage dive, saw another kid stage dive & land on his head. He laid there completely unconscious, eyes open, & not moving for at least 10 minutes. It was fucked up. And of course everyone is suddenly a doctor & can fix him by stumbling around him in a big drunk mass. His girlfriend pushed me, I believe she is the culprit for #4.
4) Got hit with a full tall can of Pabst, right smack dab in the chest.
5) Their bass player. Really, words can not explain the hilariousness of that guy. He kind of looked like a cracked out grandma/pa crossed with one of those electronic flowers what bops along with the music.

I'm sleepy & soaked in beer. Time for bed.
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